Dating winchester model 94

Value of a winchester model 94serial number 1,256,532 i have a chance to buy a winchester 94, 30-30 caliber serial number is 1,256,532 wood is. Manufacture date of a winchester model 94 30-30 need to know the manufacter date of used winchester model 94 lever - winchester model 94 sporter 30-30 question. I have a winchester ranger 30-30 #6019134 could anybody tell me the date and about what its worth winchester model 94 ranger 30-30 win. Tell me about a 1975 winchester 94 discussion in 'non 1964 is the magic date for all winchesters what is the value of a 1975 winchester model 94 30-30,.

This is a discussion on winchester 94 pre64 and now within the lever action forums join date: dec 2009 1965 winchester model 94,. Winchester collectibles a licensed item but no date on piece very model 94, with winchester rubber pad. Winchester rifles modern lever model 94 post 64 for sale and auction at gunsamerica trending this week winchester rifles modern lever model 94 post 64. 1932--serial numbers were picked at random and large blocks were skipped so serial numbers will be found as high as 849,110 total guns produced is from 1890 to 1941 is 764,365.

Serially numbered in the model 94 series and made from 1933 to 1957 not serially numbered a model 67 with winchester telescopic sight, introduced in 1937. A look back at the winchester 1894 we were told the model 94-along with its equally iconic bolt-action brother, the model 70-would no longer be produced. The first winchester rifle – the winchester model 1866 the rifles designation was abbreviated to model 94, as was done with all older winchester designs still. Amazoncom : winchester 94 series original style sight hood : gun parts : sports & outdoors interesting winchester model 94 assembly, handbook.

Winchester model 94, 30-30 caliber canadian centennial collectors edition new in the box, action never opened, octagon barrel and saddle ring mint condition call 701-891-8770. Among them are four winchester model 94 30-30 commemoratives this is a discussion on shooting with a commemorative 30-30 within the join date: oct 2006.

Dating winchester model 94

I own a winchester model 94 30-30 golden spike comemorative rifle it is i am going to assume brass plated and has a picture of the gold spike on one side and says 1869 and 1964 it also says oceans united by rail just behind the hammer. This was a brand new variant of the model 94 sporting rifle long rifle and winchester rimfire (wrf) the first models were offered exclusively in solid frame. Best deals, best price on products like: winchester 94 large loop finger lever gun parts new pre post 64 models rifleman.

Model 94 winchester rifle i have a seven digit serial number starting with 2. This is a discussion on my winchester model-94 trapper 30-30 within the join date: may 2010 winchester model 94 trapper 30-30, winchester trapper 30.

Commemorative antique winchester lever action rifles include models honoring john wayne, teddy roosevelt winchester model 94 john wayne 32-40 caliber rifle. Can anyone please tell me the approximate age of a model 94 with serial number l285993 it is chambered for 32 winchester special the best i can tell, according to certain web sites, that the date of manufacture is somewhere close to 1903. Model: model 94 serial number: 987373 year of manufacture: 1926 caliber: 32 ws (winchester special) action type: lever action saddle ring carbine, tubular magazine. Warren custom outdoor straight grip lever action guns like the winchester model 92's and 94's are as popular and effective today as they were a century ago.

Dating winchester model 94
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